Do You Think it is Important For Teenagers to Participate in Political Activism?

I stand in the frigid weather as the wind blurs the words of the speakers, making them difficult to hear. There is a group of students on a platform in our school forum. Some make speeches about specific victims, others use the opportunity to protest gun control and encourage the crowd to chant “enough is enough” in unison. I glance around at all the faces- deep in thought, most likely remembering the lives lost at the recent shooting.

There is an invisible bond of loss that is holding us all together.

There are signs that are asking for change, some listing all the victims’ names, and some even trying to put a creative spin on the situation, reading, “Algebra is scary enough, we shouldn’t have to worry about our safety too.” As creative as that statement is, it is all too real to laugh. Students across the nation are scared and tired of worrying if their school will be next.

I do not have strong political opinions, and often times I do not know what the right answer is for most political issues in our nation, but I can have a strong voice about school shootings. It is inspiring to see so many high schools participate in the walkout, and it shows that if we stand together, our voices will be heard, and change must follow. I may not know the solution to gun control, and I may not voice my opinion at rallies, but sometimes a moment of silence for our peers sends a louder message than a megaphone

The protests calling for stricter gun control measures come on the heels of other youth movements, but the momentum they have gained makes them stand out.


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